【Limited-Time Offer 📢】Yung Kee Cured Sausage Gift Set, with discounts of up to 15% off!

【Limited-Time Offer 📢】The long-awaited promotion is finally here!! Yung Kee is delighted to introduce our premium cured sausage gift sets, with discounts of up to 15% off. Come and seize the opportunity to indulge in delightful winter delicacies with your loved ones and friends! 😍


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Yung Kee Cured Goose Liver Sausage

Cured goose liver sausage first appeared in the 1970s as an in-house specialty at Yung Kee. Crafted from a secret recipe incorporating premium goose liver and Mei Kuei Lu Chiew, the sausage is admired for the lavish fragrance, its tender flesh mixed with bits of fat and encased by crispy skin. This combination creates an incredibly smooth texture, bursting with flavor and sense of human touch.


Yung Kee Cured Pork Sausage

Crafted with top-quality Canadian pork, this sausage boasts a delightful taste. We specially select premium pork shoulder butt to replace the pork leg meat, ensuring an enhanced texture. To preserve the meat’s quality, we insist on hand-cutting, and we season it with the finest Mei Kuei Lu and our secret recipe, resulting in a unique and savory flavor.


Yung Kee Cured Lean Pork Sausage

The lean pork sausage caters to health-conscious individuals and fitness enthusiasts. It retains the traditional flavor while offering a healthier option.


Cured Meat

We choose high-quality Canadian pork belly for this product, which exhibits a vibrant red color and a tender, melt-in-your-mouth texture that leaves a lingering taste.


Cured Duck Leg

Carefully selected premium duck leg, resulting in a product with a vibrant and glossy appearance. It is dry yet fragrant, with a balanced combination of fat and saltiness. It is versatile for pairing with various dishes for cooking. The meat is tender and leaves a lingering aroma on the palate.




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