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Yung Kee Restaurant, established in 1942, is located in the vibrant heart of Central, Hong Kong. With its time honored charcoal-roasted meats and authentic Cantonese cuisine, it not only preserves the rich culinary traditions of Hong Kong but has also become a popular gastronomic destination for locals and visitors alike.

In addition to its renowned authentic Cantonese cuisine, Yung Kee offers a variety of exquisite souvenirs and specialty food items. Among them is the legendary “Flying Charcoal Roasted Goose”, listed as one of Hong Kong’s top ten must-have souvenirs. You can also find the tantalizing Pickled Ginger, Century Eggs, and Yung Kee’s pioneering creation ─ the Goose Liver Sausage. Plus a range of preserved meats crafted in-house. These exclusive delicacies bring you the distinctive flavors that define Yung Kee’s culinary excellence.

Step into the world of Yung Kee and experience the essence of Hong Kong’s culinary heritage through our unique offerings.


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Product Introduction



Yung Kee Cured Goose Liver Sausage

Cured goose liver sausage first appeared in the 1970s as an in-house specialty at Yung Kee. Crafted from a secret recipe incorporating premium goose liver and Mei Kuei Lu Chiew, the sausage is admired for the lavish fragrance, its tender flesh mixed with bits of fat and encased by crispy skin. This combination creates an incredibly smooth texture, bursting with flavor and sense of human touch.


Yung Kee Cured Pork Sausage

Crafted with top-quality Canadian pork, this sausage boasts a delightful taste. We specially select premium pork shoulder butt to replace the pork leg meat, ensuring an enhanced texture. To preserve the meat’s quality, we insist on hand-cutting, and we season it with the finest Mei Kuei Lu and our secret recipe, resulting in a unique and savory flavor.


Yung Kee Cured Lean Pork Sausage

The lean pork sausage caters to health-conscious individuals and fitness enthusiasts. It retains the traditional flavor while offering a healthier option.


Cured Meat

We choose high-quality Canadian pork belly for this product, which exhibits a vibrant red color and a tender, melt-in-your-mouth texture that leaves a lingering taste.


Cured Duck Leg

Carefully selected premium duck leg, resulting in a product with a vibrant and glossy appearance. It is dry yet fragrant, with a balanced combination of fat and saltiness. It is versatile for pairing with various dishes for cooking. The meat is tender and leaves a lingering aroma on the palate.


The Flying Charcoal Roasted Goose – Good Food Is a Universal Language

This signature dish uses carefully selected top-quality Black Mane Chinese goose and prepared by using our family secret-recipe to achieve the perfect taste. Goose is roasted over a live charcoal grill fire, giving the meat a strong, delicious flavour and long-lasting aroma.
For more than half a century, Yung Kee Charcoal Roasted Goose has been a symbol of authentic Cantonese cuisine in Hong Kong. It proudly occupies a spot in the hall of fame of the local dining scene, and earned the iconic nickname of “The Flying Charcoal Roasted Goose”. It is also a heartfelt gift that allows both visitors and loved ones to share the essence of Hong Kong’s cultural heritage.


Yung Kee Preserved Eggs in Premium Pack

Superior duck eggs are hand selected by the chef and is well-pickled for 40-45 days, making these eggs delicate and glittering. Every single egg has at least 4 layers from body to core, creating a tender and jellied egg yolk. In this appetizing dish, mouthwatering tastes erupt from the very different flavors of the century egg and ginger, making it the signature starter in Yung Kee Restaurant for over 70 years.


Sliced Pickled Ginger

Indulge in our sliced pickled ginger, crafted in-house and made from carefully selected tender ginger without any residue. Its delightful sweet and tangy flavor stimulates the palate. We take pride in using only high quality ginger, with no added artificial colors or preservatives. When paired with century eggs, it creates a harmonious blend that is truly distinctive.




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