Chinese New Year Cakes Gift Voucher Early Bird Offer Begins!

【CNY Cakes Gift Voucher Early Bird Promotion】We are swiftly approaching the new year! Have you started preparing for the Lunar New Year? Yung Kee Restaurant is delighted to present a range of homemade Chinese New Year festive cakes. Enjoy an early bird discount of up to 10% off and receive additional gifts now. Don’t miss out!


Voucher Sales Locations:
Yung Kee e-shop:
Yung Kee Restaurant (Central): 32-40 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong
Yung’s Bistro: Unit 701, K11 Musea, 18 Salisbury Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui



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Product Introduction


Signature Coconut Rice Cake

Selecting finest ingredients is always Yung Kee’s promise! Our homemade Organic Coconut Rice Cake is made with premium cane sugar, organic coconut milk and no preservatives added. It is definitely your best choice of festive food for the Lunar New Year.


Signature Turnip Cake

Certified organic turnips mixing with Thai dried shrimps and Yung Kee signature cured food, gave the Yung Kee Turnip Cake an incredible aroma and delightful taste. It is natural and healthy product without preservatives.


Classic Giant Taro Cake

Only the best Taro selected from Lechang are used to make this gourmet Taro Cake. This giant taro nicknamed “Bomb Taro” has a more floury texture and richer taro fragrance than ordinary one. The difference is so obvious that you can tell on your first bite. Definitely a good festive food choice for the Lunar New Year.


Signature Water Chestnut Cake

The famous Bei-Xiang water chestnuts known as “Underground Pears” are selected for our Signature Water Chestnut Cake. These extraordinary chestnuts are crunchy and juicy with a hint of sweetness. Only the largest ones are picked to mix with the purest Pan-Tang water chestnut flour to ensure its fresh and soft yet chewy texture.



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